Over 3 days (21st-23rd February 2019), experts in gynaecology, colorectal surgery and minimally invasive surgery will explore innovative medico-surgical strategies on the central topic: pelvic pain. For the 4th edition, Invivox met with the meeting’s energetic founder, Professor Arnaud Wattiez.

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INVIVOX : What’s new for this 4th edition of ENDO-Dubai?

AW: This year the theme of pelvic pain is going to interest all specialists in gynaecology. It’s the number 1 symptom in a consultation. Pain is going to be studied in depth under different aspects: physiopathological, medical, surgical. It can also originate from a digestive cause; which is the reason why we have invited colorectal surgery specialists. There will be a joint section with gynaecological surgery specialists and a section dedicated to colorectal surgery. So it’s simultaneously a gynaecology conference, a colorectal conference and a gynaecology-colorectal conference. There will also be a programme dedicated to endometriosis, my area of interest. We have a lot of endometriosis cases reaching the digestive tract; gynaecologists are well educated on endometriosis but they need to be trained in treating it in the digestive system.

INVIVOX : Who is ENDO-Dubai targeted at?

AW: All gynaecological surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery, but more broadly, all gynaecologists interested in pelvic pain. This year, we have extended our circle to specialists in colorectal surgery.

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INVIVOX : Is ENDO-Dubai focussed on “practice”?

AW: There will certainly be a practical aspect, whether that’s in hysteroscopy, suturing, etc. The workshops will be aimed at specialists in gynaecology and colorectal surgery which will each have their own workshops. An entire day will be dedicated to anatomy since its understanding influences all surgery. Our knowledge of anatomy has greatly progressed in the past 5 years. Finally, we will organise a surgical marathon (both live and pre-recorded) lasting 10 hours.

“Attendees at ENDO-Dubai will definitely learn things that they can use in the operating room during their daily practice.”

INVIVOX : Which medical innovations will be presented during ENDO-Dubai?

AW: Many technological advancements have been made in vision in recent years and we will have the pleasure of introducing them to our colleagues.


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INVIVOX : You offer training courses / masterclasses year-round at MIS Academy in Dubai, what do your attendees take from these courses?

AW: These are training courses in minimally invasive surgery, which requires, in order to be done correctly, specific knowledge regarding open surgery. Healthcare professionals need to better understand anatomy and know how to suture with small instruments brought in for operating in narrow passages. To be competitive, you have to have an in depth understanding of the best strategies and tactics, a guarantee of performance in laparoscopy. This is what we propose to our attendees.

“The success of last year really raised people’s spirits. ENDO-Dubai has locally become a huge event to which we are striving to bring an international scientific level.”

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ENDO-Dubai, by the quality of its international experts, its scientific programme and its hands-on modules, has become an unmissable meeting. 800 attendees and 97 speakers are expected at Hotel Intercontinental Festival City in Dubai from the 21st to the 23rd of February.

* Pr. Arnaud Wattiez, Professor of OB GYN, University of Strasbourg, France and Head of GYN Department, Latifa Hospital, Dubai, UAE

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