Dr. Steve Cohen Introduces the Hands-on Cadaver Course using Adipose – Nanofat – PRP

Watch and listen to Dr. Steve Cohen explain his Hands-on Cadaver Course using Adipose Tissue, Nano-fat, and PRP. Dr. Cohen outlines the course topic, the leading faculty (Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Robert Alexander) and the the benefits of attending...

/ 23 March 2017

Rouen Medical Training Center Inauguration with President Hollande

Last Friday was the inauguration of the Rouen Medical Training Center by President François Hollande. An event very coveted by the MTC’s team, which since October 2016 welcomes French and foreign doctors come to participate in medical training.   “At...

/ 10 March 2017

Surgeons: 3 steps to organize a successful medical training

It’s no secret that teaching is a tradition among doctors, who would otherwise be unable to keep track of the latest innovations in their field. Over the years, many surgeons believe it natural to train their younger and/or less experienced...

/ 17 February 2017

Mastering The Art of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology: Learning at its Finest!

This year, the world-renowned IMCAS aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology congress is taking place in Paris from January 26th to January 29th. Since its inception in 1994, IMCAS has sought to bridge the knowledge gap between Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery...

/ 18 January 2017
cosmetic surgery steven cohen

Dr Steven Cohen’s Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

Internationally recognized plastic surgeon Steven Cohen is a major contributor to aesthetic and cosmetic surgery of the face and body. In this enlightening interview, the surgeon, professor, artist and author shares his thoughts on the current state of plastic surgery,...

/ 3 January 2017
elias sawaya interview hand surgery

Elias Sawaya: “I got trained in Strasbourg by Professor Liverneaux”

For Elias Sawaya, specialized training and top-notch care go hand-in-hand. Dr. Sawaya, a hand surgeon, used Invivox to schedule training with Dr. Philippe Liverneaux, a Professor of Orthopedics and Hand Surgery at the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Sawaya traveled from...

/ 29 December 2016