Month: January 2019

RATS thoracic surgery da vinci medtronic lung

Da Vinci Robots – “We shouldn’t be operating without reasonable training”​.

Pr. Jean-Marc Baste’s report on the comments of Dr. Robert Poston, chief of cardio-thoracic surgery on NBC article about the necessity of training on Da Vinci robots. Surgeons praise robot assisted surgery because it increases patient safety with “less downtime, less scarring,...

/ 22 January 2019
imcas audience

What makes the IMCAS World Congress a must-attend event?

The IMCAS World Congress is the largest congress of dermatologists and plastic surgeons on Earth. Invivox has had the honour of participating in this meeting, leading the way in medical innovation and exchange. As we look ahead to the congress...

/ 18 January 2019


Today, microsurgery is a unique surgical skill that has become a fundamental part of reconstructive surgery and continues to be integrated across many surgical fields. It is widely believed that training in basic microsurgical techniques could help advance the quality...

/ 10 January 2019

ENDO-Dubai, the “3 in 1” meeting of gynaecological surgeons coming from all 4 corners of the globe

Over 3 days (21st-23rd February 2019), experts in gynaecology, colorectal surgery and minimally invasive surgery will explore innovative medico-surgical strategies on the central topic: pelvic pain. For the 4th edition, Invivox met with the meeting’s energetic founder, Professor Arnaud Wattiez....

/ 2 January 2019