The mouth is an organ of communication, but also has an air of seduction and sexuality.

As the aging process takes over, the upper lip can suffer from lengthening, thinning, wrinkles, or atrophy among other things. An upper lip is more beautiful if it is short and is thought of this way universally around the world. There are two classic ways to achieve a shortened upper lip.

The first technique is the marginal excision. This is accomplished by taking the skin off the top of the upper lip leaving minimal scarring, but also still a longer distance between the upper lip and nose.

The second technique is shorten the area under the nose. The excise is made far into the nostrils as the hide and break any scarring. With a longer upper lip, the teeth become more and more hidden. With the shorter upper lip, you can take your face from seeing your bottom teeth to seeing your upper teeth giving yourself a more youthful look.

The procedure gives your face an enhanced beauty and balance of features. This light surgery gives you a beautiful mouth without having to use injections. Scarring is not visible if performed correctly and complication is not common. The shortening of an elongated upper lip is a way to have a more youthful and beautiful face and smile.

By Dr. Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr, Doctor at the Campus Champs Élysées

Posted by Ranim Chaban

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