It’s no secret that teaching is a tradition among doctors, who would otherwise be unable to keep track of the latest innovations in their field. Over the years, many surgeons believe it natural to train their younger and/or less experienced peers in their field. However, organizing medical training sessions can quickly turn into a puzzle. This article will present 3 steps to organize your training sessions in serenity.

Finding the perfect setting

For a successful medical training, the ideal setting is none other than the surgeon’s personal “HQ” – whether it be a private clinic, a hospital or a university. By using their team and using their own operating rooms and their own tools, surgeons are more efficient and save time. Plus, people are more comfortable and have greater authority in their territory.

It is also recommended to limit the number of participants. Ideally, surgical training should not accommodate more than four people on the same day. This intimate setting makes it possible to address both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject in question and makes the experience more enriching for the trainees.

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Choosing the right participants

Choose the participants of your medical training. Emphasize those who have the time to learn a new technique and how to get to your practice. A potential trainee must also have some degree of experience before taking part in the training. The more experienced a professional is, the faster he will learn a new technique.

Finally, the ideal participant must be able to use the techniques learned on his own patients. With the necessary tools and surrounded by their team, trainees will easily and quickly implement your instructions within their institution. By carefully selecting the participants, the surgeons can thus develop successful and lasting companionship relationships.

Find a reliable organization partner

Although it is enriching for all stakeholders, any medical training takes time. In order for it to proceed as smoothly as possible, it must be prepared beforehand. The trainer should think about all the logistical aspects, such as the number of medical training slots offered, the activities included in these slots and the team necessary for the smooth running of this training. Many administrative issues must also be coordinated to promote training and ensure a pleasant trip to participants.

You want to offer medical training but you don’t want to worry about the details? Use a professional partner like Invivox to share administrative tasks! Once the slots have been defined, all you have to do is send your training dates to Invivox, which will display your availability on its interactive online platform. All you have to do is welcome the trainees on D-Day!

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