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Based in Geneva, Dr Sophie Menkes (*) is specialized in regenerative medicine and more specifically in genital rejuvenation. One of the treatments that Dr Menkes currently offers is Microfat and Nanofat Grafting, an innovative procedure to improve vulvovaginal atrophy. Precursors...

/ 19 February 2019

What is New at Johns Hopkins Therapeutic Endoscopy conference (HITEC 2019 april 3-5) ?

Following last year success of HITEC (Hopkins International Therapeutic Endoscopy Conference) at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Invivox went to interview the 2 main course directors Drs. Mouen Kashab and Dr. Vivek Kumbhari regarding the next edition of this International conference...

/ 26 October 2018
Dr. Patrick Baraf

Why Not? A Youngsters Facelift

Aging has been widely described as the effect of gravity but is more the degradation of biological functions in the living organism. But what if aging was based on the idea that someone was simply not satisfied with their face...

/ 15 May 2018
Dr. Cornette de Saint Cyr

Shortening of Elongated Upper Lip: Beautiful & Younger Mouth & Smile

The mouth is an organ of communication, but also has an air of seduction and sexuality. As the aging process takes over, the upper lip can suffer from lengthening, thinning, wrinkles, or atrophy among other things. An upper lip is...

/ 15 May 2018
Dr. Chastanet and Dr. Pittaluga

ASVAL Method: an innovative procedure for varicose veins treatment?

How do you see the future of Varicose Veins surgery? Traditionally, the saphenous vein has always been considered as the origin of the varicose disease since it is affected first (dilation and reflux). Then, the disease spreads from the saphenous...

Medical Mentor: 4 main qualities to be one

So you think you want to teach? Teaching is a time-honored tradition and medical innovation could not move forward without it. For many surgeons, becoming a mentor or instructor is a natural next step once they become experienced or earn...

/ 9 May 2017

3 new pathways to address Endometriosis

Painful periods and pelvic pain, two of the hallmark symptoms of endometriosis, are the most common gynecologic complaints. Endometriosis affects up to 10% of women, migrating throughout the abdomen, affecting the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder and bowels. Despite the debilitating...

/ 26 April 2017

Surgeons: 3 steps to organize a successful medical training

It’s no secret that teaching is a tradition among doctors, who would otherwise be unable to keep track of the latest innovations in their field. Over the years, many surgeons believe it natural to train their younger and/or less experienced...

/ 17 February 2017