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Da Vinci Robots – “We shouldn’t be operating without reasonable training”​.

Pr. Jean-Marc Baste’s report on the comments of Dr. Robert Poston, chief of cardio-thoracic surgery on NBC article about the necessity of training on Da Vinci robots. Surgeons praise robot assisted surgery because it increases patient safety with “less downtime, less scarring,...

/ 22 January 2019


Today, microsurgery is a unique surgical skill that has become a fundamental part of reconstructive surgery and continues to be integrated across many surgical fields. It is widely believed that training in basic microsurgical techniques could help advance the quality...

/ 10 January 2019

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty : A revolution for patients

The nose is the only body part that is absolutely impossible to hide… even the slightest imperfection can send patients running to the plastic surgeon’s office! According to, nose reshaping is among the five most popular plastic surgery procedures...

/ 22 May 2017
video training vs in situ training

Real Life Training vs. Video Training: The Moment of Truth

As a busy surgeon, how do you stay current with new technologies or techniques? These days, your main choices for continuing education are real life training or video training. With real life (or in situ) training, you stand next to...

/ 4 November 2016
medical training board

Lifelong Medical Mentorings: An Animated Story

For physicians, education never stops. New technology and scientific discoveries are constantly arising. Books, journals and professional conferences can provide a good foundation for staying up to date. But they can’t bridge the gap between learning about a new technique...

/ 21 October 2016
medical mentor in operating room

An Old Recipe Revisited: Medical Mentoring Throughout Your Career

Since the earliest days of the medical profession, in situ peer-to-peer training – e.g. medical mentoring – has been the principal means by which doctors have acquired the fundamental skills and techniques. This remains the case today, during internships and...

/ 29 September 2016