On Wednesday June 7, The Institut de France Foundations Grand Prizes took place in Paris. In front of an assembly of Academicians, this solemn session rewarded several French scientists for their research that contributed to global health. This year’s Scientific Lefoulon-Delalande Foundation Grand Prize* was awarded to Professor Alain Cribier for his minimally invasive technique of interventional cardiology replacing aortic valves by simple catheter.

“Today it is considered the most important innovation in cardiology in recent years.”

“Since 2002, 300,000 people have been saved thanks to the innovation developed by Professor Alain Cribier.”

Even retired from the Rouen Medical University, Pr Cribier still teaches this technique at Rouen Medical Training Center, accompanied by Pr Hélène Eltchaninoff, Head of the Department of Cardiology at Rouen University.

It is since November 2016, that the Training Center opened its doors to cardiologists from all over the world for their 2-day seminar.

The famous cardiologist Alain Carpentier, a member of the Academy of Sciences, paid tribute to him during the award ceremony:

In total, 65 cardiologists representing 20 nationalities participated in the trainings of Pr Cribier and Pr Eltchaninoff.

This international opening was made possible thanks to INVIVOX, which highlights their training to a global level.

“Great training with an outstanding team. I truly appreciate the hospitality provided by pr Cribier and his team. Pr Eltchaninoff is an outstanding interventionist and teacher.”

– Dr Alix Tercius, American Cardiologist

“The honor of being here is that we are doing the procedure with the pioneer of the aortic valve stenosis (Prof Alain Cribier) and we can ask him important questions in order to get the best results of the course!”

– Dr Masoud Ghasemi, Iranian Cardiologist

Next seminar in November 2017

 *Created in 2002, the Scientific Grand Prize of the Lefoulon-Delalande Foundation from The Institut de France is awarded each year to a scientist who has contributed to modern science in cardiovascular surgery, physiology, biology or medicine.

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