Who are the most influential surgeons on Social Media among orthopedists? Social media is lit up with medical innovators who inspire us, from top tweeter Kevin Pho, to LinkedIn leaders Hany Elrashidy and Ryan Labovitch. Keep up with the latest in orthopedics by joining a community of your peers or even following them online. Here are our picks for the top ten surgical stars on social media.


Twitter Influencers

Howard Luks

With over 22K followers, Dr. Howard Luks is a sports doc and athlete with a passion for understanding the mechanics of running and its relationship to sports injuries. If your interest is the latest news and research on ankle sprains, muscle strains and other sports related injuries, follow this trail running guru on Twitter.

Kevin Pho

With thoughtful commentary on issues affecting medicine today, physician, author, and keynote speaker Kevin Pho is the resident social media physician to over 147K followers. As part of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, he lends a credible voice on everything from politics to pill pushing and medical education reform.

Nicholas DiNubile

Orthopedic Surgeon Nicholas DiNubile’s Twitter feed is an eclectic blend of humorous commentary, sports and fitness news, and frequent posts with his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Follow him for educational escapades that feel like hanging out with one of the guys.

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Vinny Arora

With nearly 25K followers, feisty Chicago area doctor Vinny Arora is a passionate advocate of improving medical education and patient care in hospitals. If you want candid thoughts from a healthcare humanitarian, follow her FutureDocs blog or Twitter feed.

Johnny Benjamin

This Florida doctor is a nationally respected orthopedic spine surgeon, author, and social justice advocate as well as an avid UFC and football commentator. Known for his plain talk on complex issues, his posts show the human, everyday side of a brilliant surgeon.



LinkedIn Influencers

Jay Zaretsky

This New York based orthopedic surgeon spent 15 years at Mt. Sinai specializing in Level l trauma and sports medicine. Connect with him if you’re interested in networking on minimally invasive techniques for orthopedic joint replacement and reconstructive surgery, from a man who was voted one of America’s Top Orthopedic Surgeons three years in a row.

Hany Elrashidy

San Francisco Bay Area surgeon Hany Elrashidy is a sports medicine specialist in arthroscopic shoulder and knee repair. With a humanitarian spirit, a great number of book publications, and 500+ LinkedIn connections, consider connecting with this young superstar if you’re interested in discussing complex arthroscopic and open procedures of the shoulder, knee and elbow with a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Nicholas H Mast

Nicholas H. Mast is a board certified private practice orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco, California specializing in hip and pelvis surgery. Connect with him if you’re interested in non-replacement options for hip arthritis, the latest techniques in minimally invasive hip replacement and resurfacing, and seeing some awe inspiring videos of his anterior hip replacement success stories.

Ryan S. Labovitch

Newport Beach based Ryan Labovitch is the consummate athlete and physician with strong ties to his community, including local high school, college, and club athletic teams. With greater than 500 LinkedIn connections and ties to US skiing and mountain biking events, connect with him if you want to converse with a community centered caregiver with world class training in arthroscopy, sports medicine and orthopedic trauma.

Gregg Berkowitz

Director of the Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey, Dr. Gregg S. Berkowitz is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon devoted to treating cartilaginous injuries to the knee and other joints. A distinguished researcher and surgeon who has treated thousands of patients, Berkowitz is an avid runner, skier, cyclist, golfer, basketball player and yogi who was ranked by Inside New Jersey Magazine as a “2014 Top Doc.”

Who are your top docs on social media? Nominate someone you think is inspirational by sending an e-mail to peertopeercorner@invivox.com. Most likely, they are one of the many stellar surgeons that offer training through Invivox’s real life mentoring platform.

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