For Elias Sawaya, specialized training and top-notch care go hand-in-hand. Dr. Sawaya, a hand surgeon, used Invivox to schedule training with Dr. Philippe Liverneaux, a Professor of Orthopedics and Hand Surgery at the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Sawaya traveled from Bordeaux to Strasbourg in September 2016 to receive specialized training on plate osteosynthesis for comminuted fractures of the distal metaphysis of the radius. Compared to conventional open techniques, this minimally invasive technique spares soft tissues, minimizes infection and promotes faster healing of the fractured bone.

“I knew Invivox helped surgeons getting in touch with each other.”

“I saw the Professor talk during a scientific conference,” Dr. Sawaya said of Pr. Liverneaux, a pioneer in robotic assisted microsurgery with over 850 citations and 280 research papers. When it came to connecting with Liverneaux, Sawaya explained “I had heard about Invivox and knew that the platform helped specialists get in touch with each other.”

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He added: “The main asset of Invivox is that it allows surgeons to book a training without having to deal with the tedious task of getting in touch with the specialist through his secretary and planning [the logistics].”

A convivial setting for an intense training

“Everything was organized by Invivox, from the welcoming in the airport to the meeting with the professor,” said Sawaya. “At the training occasion, he had organized a dinner reception with his wife who owns a gourmet gastronomic table d’hôtes. This was a great icebreaker.” added Sawaya, who said by the following day he and his fellow trainee, a surgeon from Germany, had gotten to know each other very well.

Professor Liverneaux organized a dinner reception. It was a great icebreaker and allowed me to get to know my fellow trainee. – Dr. Sawaya

This small, intimate setting allowed them to get practical in situ training on this very precise technique. After observing Pr. Liverneaux perform the procedure in the morning, they were able to replicate the operation on a mannequin in the afternoon.

A really available expert

Sawaya said Pr. Liverneaux seemed glad to answer any questions: “The expert was really available and open to questions,” he said. He also added “The staff seemed to be used to welcoming people from the outside for trainings.”

This training process allows participants to be immersed into the surgeon’s staff. – Dr. Sawaya

Sawaya noted that Pr. Liverneaux’s training process allowed the participants to be “immersed into the surgeon’s staff” which, in turn, provided them with a deeper understanding and mastery of the technique. “Given the relationship we had with the trainer, I’d be comfortable contacting him [in the future] if I had a question for one of my cases.”

“Invivox avoids the tedious parts of training, for both trainee and trainer.”

“Invivox really makes it easier for surgeons, since it avoids the tedious parts of trainings, both for the trainee AND for the trainer”. Due to the administrative efficiencies offered by Invivox, Sawaya says the Hand Institute in Pessac – Bordeaux where he is a partner plans to offer trainings on the platform dedicated to emergency physicians. “Plus, the platform is quite ergonomic and well-made” he observed.

As you can see, surgeons seeking world quality training without the administrative hassles now have a solution. Connect with specialists from around the world and learn about the latest surgical techniques!

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