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Transcatheter implantation of aortic valves (TAVI)

Fifteen years ago, the technique of transcatheter implantation of aortic valves (TAVI) was born. After many years of research, we could perform the first ever TAVI case in Rouen in 2002. This innovative technology has opened a revolutionary, less invasive way of...

/ 7 February 2018

An Earned Nomination – Prof. Alain Cribier

We are happy to announce that Invivox trainer, Prof. Alain Cribier, has been nominated for the Lefoulon-Delande Grand Prize from the Foundation de l’Institute de France. The former Head of the Cardiology Department and the current Director of the Medical...

/ 17 May 2017

“The Medical Training Center? It’s about sharing knowledge effectively.”

In October 2016, Professor Alain Cribier, a recent recipient of the European Society of Cardiology’s Gold Medal, will oversee the launch of the ambitious Medical Training Center project in Rouen. A firm believer in the benefits of real life training,...

/ 13 October 2016