Invivox had the pleasure of interviewing Pr. Ricardo Carbajal to discuss the next pediatric emergency symposium that will take place in Paris on April 9th and 10th, 2019 in collaboration with other renowned experts.

Pr. Ricardo Carbajal:Pediatrician, University Professor – Head of Pediatric Emergency Department at Armand Trousseau Hospital APHP – Paris

INVIVOX: On the 9th & 10th of April, you are organizing a symposium dedicated to pediatric emergency medicine at the Trousseau Hospital in Paris. Is this the first edition? Where did the idea come from?

Pr. Carbajal – Indeed, it is a first.

One of Trousseau’s pediatric emergency physicians, Dr. Romain Guedj, has just spent two years at Children’s Hospital in Boston and has forged ties with our American friends and colleagues.

This symposium is an opportunity, for this still young specialty in France, to compare our approaches with our American colleagues. It is also an opportunity for participants to keep up to date with their knowledge in the emerging field of pediatric emergencies.  

INVIVOX: You have managed to gather French and American specialists, what do you expect from the faculty?

Pr. Carbajal – As I said, this speciality is still young in France while the United States have about twenty years of experience in the organizational approach of pediatric emergencies. Harvard and Johns Hopkins faculties are very keen to share their experience with us.

INVIVOX: Can you give us a quick overview of pediatric emergency?

Pr. Carbajal –In 2018 we treated more than 55,000 children in Trousseau. This figure is constantly increasing It was 40,000 children 10 years ago.

INVIVOX: Are there big differences in the care of your little patients between, for example, the United States and France? How are you going to concretely benefit from all his shared experiences during these two days?

Pr. Carbajal – It is interesting to note that in the United States emergency pediatricians dedicate 100% of their time to emergencies. This is also true for some large French centers.

INVIVOX: What is the main purpose of this symposium?P

Pr. Carbajal – The main objective of this first main symposium is to allow participants to discuss with pediatric emergency specialists, and to compare the American experience with the French one.

This symposium will also be an opportunity to address daily topics of pediatric emergencies, with world experts.

INVIVOX: What is your target? Only pediatricians and pediatric emergency department physicians, pediatric interns and emergency physicians? French and foreigners?

Pr. Carbajal – This symposium is aimed at pediatric emergency professionals, both doctors and interns, and of course all of those involved in the organization of pediatric emergencies. The symposium is in English and is therefore open to the world.

The symposium is free of charge for all healthcare professionals.

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