Last Friday was the inauguration of the Rouen Medical Training Center by President François Hollande. An event very coveted by the MTC’s team, which since October 2016 welcomes French and foreign doctors come to participate in medical training.

Pr Veber


“At the MTC, our teachings are based on the most innovative methods such as simulation, transmission, digital image processing and role-playing”

– Prof. Veber, Head of the Surgical Resuscitation Department of Rouen University Hospitan and Chairman of MTC Educational Council.


Built near the University Hospital, this 33,000ft² facility, equipped with high technology equipment, is managed by a professional medical body, including Pr. Alain Cribier, a cardiac surgeon from Rouen, recognized worldwide for its TAVI (percutaneous aortic valve replacement) which he teaches it either directly in the operating room or in an auditorium with a live retransmission of a surgical operation.

Alain Cribier Invivox


“The training creates a club of specialists. Afterwards, we give ourselves advice, always with the aim of improving the care of the patient. The MTC is a generator of medical progress “

Pr. Alain Cribier



Other trainings attract the attention of foreign physicians, including Pr. Jean-Paul Marie (ENT), Pr. Hélène Eltchaninoff (cardiologist), Pr. Louis Sibert (urologist), Dr. Jean-Marc Baste (thoracic surgeon), Pr. Horace Roman (gynecologist) and many others

Invivox partnership with Rouen MTC


With already 1,200 doctors trained since October, this multidisciplinary French center is gradually becoming an international structure of medical excellency. Thus, the arrival of the president on Friday, February 24th was an amply deserved support coming from the French government:

François Hollande MTC Rouen Invivox

“This is an exceptional center that we inaugurate today. An exceptional center because of its architectural quality, in a hospital universe with the University Hospital, which has considerably evolved for several years. A exceptional center by what it contains as activity, with training, and as a place of research. “

“I am aware that we are here in what can be a prefiguration of what French excellency must be. “

“A new path for training and innovation”

President full speech (in french)


The President’s inaugural speech focused on two points: the first on the delay of France in terms of institutions dedicated to medical training, a concept widely used and successful in North America. The second on the technological advances of medical equipment and French start-ups dedicated to the health sector.

In conclusion, an inauguration that proves the excellency of its teaching and encourages Rouen MTC to continue its mission of quality medical teaching.

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